Good enough psu for HD 7750

My friend has this computer

I want to upgrade it by dropping in the h61m-u3s3, an i3-2120, 4 or 8 gb of 1333 ram, and an hd 7750 but im not sure if the psu will handle it. I'm assuming a low profile 7750 will fit in the case.
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  1.,3135-14.html 84W, the 2120 pulls 65W, so it will be a pretty close call... i have a 6770 in a HP system, with a 300W PSU
  2. It would be very risky. Your system may reach the full capacity of the psu. Most people are saying that the 7750 will work on a 250w psu since it uses 75w max but it is not recommended. Please note that some 7750 models uses more power.
  3. Get a 300W minimum to be safe, low wattage PSUs are pretty cheap
  4. I would get a new PS....HP often comes with 250-300 watt Bestec AKA Worstec. I am getting an Antec VP-450 to replace my 300 watt Bestec on my HP. It's typically priced below $40....mine was $39 plus tax with free shipping from

  5. +1 for the CX430
  6. My VP-450 arrived today. It was dead on arrival. This is the 2nd report of a DOA that I am aware of. :(

  7. I heard that I should avoid corsair "builder" psu's.
  8. The Builder series is the value oriented line frm Corsair, but they are decent quality PSUs from a good, customer friendly company and are a great price-performance buy. You're not going to find a better PSU in the price range of the CX430 at $25. Who told you to stay away from the Builder series and what was their reasoning?
  9. ^i've seen a few members comment to stay away from them, due to low quality
  10. The Builder series isn't a top-tier PSU and it's not designed to be. The only issue that Johnnyguru had with it was the build quality...primarily soldering:
    It is arguably the value-king especially when it's $20 after discount/MIR. Despite the potential for some sub-par soldering it is still an exceptional value for $20.
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