Best value card for Sony Vegas 11

I have been rendering projects with Vegas 11 that uses the GPU to help out and when I do it crashes a lot of the time so I want a new video card, but I haven't heard of a card that someone has used themselves and NOT experienced excessive crashes while rendering.

If you use vegas 11 and GPU rendering (usually mainconcept AVC) for projects an hour+ in length and aren't getting crashes all the time please tell me about your system! Thank you.
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  1. here few comments i found

    well i just try Vegas pro 11 64bit on my machine and AMD 6850 gpu with bad results, using mainconcept AVC, using CPU+GPU i end up with supper slow encode compare just pure six core CPU encode that ran 10x faster
    will look into this more,
    I edit video a lot, (thou now on Adobe software) but i newer had any good luck with gpu acceleration, it seem its to experimental at this time
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