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I have an old pc like the motherboard was 3-4 years old. I am planning to change the pc case to fractal core 1000. And technicians are saying that there is a risk that my computer will not work after the transfer since its an old system. Is this true? please note that I have never removed a motherboard before. super noob here..
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  1. What is the make of the PC? There's a chance that the connectors for the power button, USB etc won't fit on the board if the board uses proprietary connectors. Same goes for motherboard mounting holes, size etc. But if it uses the ATX standard to the dot then of course it'll work as long as the transfer is done properly.

    Do those techies work for a computer company by chance? They'll say that so you don't do anything to it and then buy a new system because you have to.
  2. its an asus matx motherboard. I am getting mixed answer from ITs cause some are saying that the whole pc might not work and I have to get a new one and some are saying that they'll be no problem. All I have to do is remove screws and connectors and then put them back together right? I am not understanding why theyre saying that it might get static and fail.
  3. so basically my question is will I have any problems or issues after changing the case? does anyone experienced problems after doing that?
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    You shouldn't have any problems changing the case. As long as the front panel jumpers are in the right place the PC will boot with the switch pressed. As long as the standoffs for mounting the mobo are in the right place the board won't short out on the case. You can get rid of any static electricity by touching something metal before touching the components. Also don't be rough with the components when installing them, (no brainer) and everything will be fine.
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  6. thanks man
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