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hello all,

so my father is currently using a dell dimension 4400, which has a pentium 4, 2gb memory and onboard video

i am going to build a simple fast machine that can handle internet browsing, burning dvds and easy things.

please tell me if the build will be adequate.

processor : intel i3 3240

memory : 4 gb kingston ddr3 @ 1600

motherboard: z77, have not made mind up yet.

psu: corsair CX500

case: corsair 550D

cooler: hyper 212 evo (perhaps stock because i3 will not be overclocked?)

video card : 6850 (simply because he bought a high end 1920 x 1200 monitor and his current build is just HORRIBLY slow with it[also because it is my old card])

finally, the hard drive will be a 120gb ssd.

and will be transferring his ancient windows xp to a new ssd because his drive is 10+ years old, no need to buy an os (he wants xp over 7? don't ask me haha)

thermal paste : ceramic arctic silver
and some silent noctua fans of course.

would this build last 10 years? hell, if the p4 lasted 10 and was much weaker, then this would?

i also would like a recommendation of a mass dvd burner, preferably 5+ at once.
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  1. Perhaps you could go for 8 gb ram to help it be a little more future-proofed?
  2. For simple internet browsing, it could easily last that long. ^I also second the 8gb ram. It's so cheap right now, why not?
  3. The onboard video on that i3 should be fine even for 1080P video playback, you don't need the graphics card unless he's gaming.

    I'd also drop the cooler and grab a cheaper H77 board since that i3 can't be overclocked.

    +1 on the 8GB RAM.
  4. I don't know if Windows XP will even support all that new hardware.

    Or if the hardware will support Windows XP.

    I'll look into does appear that you CAN get drivers for Asus motherboards for WinXP. I don' t know if they are on the included driver install DVD.

    This I do know, Windows XP does not support TRIM for an SSD. But you'll still be able to use the SSD, you just need to get a Garbage Collection Utility.
  5. Unless you have an install disk of Windows XP that has SP3 on it, you will not be able to install it onto a SATA based HDD without creating a new install disk.

    You will need to use nLite or another program to make an install disk with the mising driver installs from SP3 to recognize SATA connections.
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