Is there another card sli compatible with gtx 560?

I really dislike using google to find information and pull up an article by some paid technology writer that either changes what he thinks terms should mean or has no clue what he is talking about. Not only did manufacturers, including myself, would advertise several different cards showing a chart comparing several different cards of the same line, and then label them low end, mainstream, and high end. I guess that's changed.

A gtx 520 would be considered low end and a gtx 580 labeled high end on performance and the general need for said type of cards. Obviously if you want to run one to 4 cards you're an enthusiast wanting off the clock frames p/sec. While a casual gamer might not care at all about high end settings and frames.

Just read an article with the writer calling the new line of cards like a gtx 600 series is high end and the 500 is now mainstream. Lol even worse is the prices on a gtx 580, 590 when the next line of cards are about to be on store shelves and still selling at $500 approx. Like selling an LGA 775 intel quad for outrageous prices when you can buy a lga 1155 board, i5 or i6 2500 or 2600k plus new ram cheaper than buying a legacy processor.

Well to get to my question I bought this with a rebate locally. I have another pci-e 2.0 slot free having upgraded from a gtx 260. I read on the forums somewhere that gtx 460 was sli capable with another gtx 500 series card. I don't really need it at the moment, but being a enthusiast will the 460 sli with my current card, or will another card be compatible?
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  1. You can only sli a 560 with another 560.
  2. Quote:
    You can only sli a 560 with another 560.

    Not disputing. I follow the old school thinking you have to use the same cards. I was running 2 evga 260s one was factory clocked so I overclocked the regular spec 260 to the same OC. However I read an article about the gtx 460 running with a different card, the 560 ti, I think it was because they said it was basically the same chipset.

    Not a big deal I've way overclocked like 50% approx. and runs everything fine. 2 to 3 months I'll be able to afford buying to buy two 600 series cards or just buy another card like I have. So I was just curious if I could buy a 400 series and save some money until I back to working fulltime again this spring.
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