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Intel HD3000 = hot (temp wise)...

I,ve noticed that when i stress my CPU, it doesn't get as hot as when i stress my GPU (both on the same die, share the same heatsink)...
It also seems to make the CPU hotter aswell...

Asus X54H sx270v
i3-2310M - 2.1 GHz, 2 cores, 4 threads, 32nm, 35W TDP......

I'll try to get some temps up..
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  1. CPU stressing-

    with intel burn test-

    with prime95 set on the middle option (when it opens)-

    Not sure about it being at idle speed...
  2. yes, making them do work heats them up.

    Its a laptop with pretty standard crappy laptop cooling so thats to be excpected.
    IIRC, you had to go up to their gaming laptop, like a g74, to get the better cooling solution.
  3. Its not that bad, most of the time i play games while its on my lap or on my bed.....
  4. Here is the gpu having fun-

    notice the cpu increase in temps and clock speed...

    can't see the temps that well but it says 81c....

    Never breaks 85c, even with the vents covered by blankets..
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    Well, it isn't really a surprise that the CPU's temp is high when both CPU cores and the Intel HD 3000 are being stress. They are both on the same chip.

    I wouldn't use FurMark on a laptop, it over stresses the graphics core and it doesn't really simulate performance in actual games. Some people consider FurMark to be malware because it can actually damage graphic cards in some rare instances.

    If you are using the laptop on your bed, be sure to place the laptop on a hard, flat surface. If you put it directly on the bed, pillow, bedsheets, then you will be blocking the air intake vents on the underside of the laptop which will cause you laptop to overheat.
  6. I just like the giant doughnut part of it, only used it for this thing, closed it a few secs after the screen shots due to lag....
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