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Hello, i am not sure if this technology exists. Essentially, i am wanting to find a technology that behaves like a nic and appears as one to the OS, but goes through an interface that is faster than your usual 1 gigabit network interfaces, for example a pseudo network layer setup over a sata III port or something similar.
What i am wanting to do is create a direct, computer to computer, communication (like a crossover cable connection), but with speeds upwards of 10 gigabits or more.
Obviously i could buy a 10 gigabit setup, but that tends to be quite pricey for my singular use. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Just a thought but... even if you are able to achieve this connection on the cheap you are still going to bottle neck with the read and write of your HDD's.

    Look into iSCSI, HBA's, or a TCP offload engine. Alot of enterprises use iSCSI for SAN's you can get some seriously sick speeds when its done right. I have seen (and set it up) DBA's use it for Server to Server data transfers/ DataBase syncing... Just a thought.. Best of luck!
  2. If there was a simple and cheap way to do what you ask it would already be used in cluster computing. Many clusters use 10 gigabit Ethernet, but for faster than that there are expensive proprietary connections. I think there are some AMD server MBs that have a proprietary connection that is very fast for clusters.
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