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How do i oc my HD 5870

i currently have a power colour Hd 5870 with arctic cool 5870 extreme cooler.(replacement due to fan fail on the stock cooler)
it s absolutely silent up to 100 percent fan speed and maxes out at 43'c (furmark 3-5 runs) so it seems like i have some major headroom for a good size oc... currently on stock 850/1200 gpu/mem settings...
what i want to now is how far will i be able to get this (ballpark) 5% or more is what im aiming for but these cards supposedly give very little with stock volts.
whats the optimum voltages to use to get a decent stable oc.

im running it off an ex58-ud5 motherboard which is a good board for overclocking my i7 i have so id like to see if its just as good for the gfx card, and an 850w toughpower psu
what tools do i need and where do i start with em...

thanx for your time so far ;)
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    I have a XFX5970 BE with that kind cooler and is excellent. The only problem at least what i have face it was that the VDCC(Voltage contoller) cooling is BAD and i mean BAD with that cooler. In order to get some more juice out of your card you need to increase the voltage a little and by the time you start doing this you will see your VDCC reaching 90-100 degrees Celsius (120 is the limit for mine). If really need to boost that think with safety use water cooling and read a lot guides around the net a lot of people have already try it some with success and some with failures. Good luck and boost that think. (Post some pics). :bounce:
  2. Use MSI afterburner and try 950 Mhz, test with furmark, check temperatures, etc. If it's stable good.

    Do a very little bit of voltage adjustments, then try 1Ghz, monitor temperatures, run furmark, etc. When it's stable you're good.

    Basically overclocking differs from system-to-systems, but for basic ideas these are what you should be looking at.
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  4. yep vddc is toping out at 100 already which is way higher than i thought it would be... im also getting some snap and crackle comming from the pcb as it expends so thats not good... looks like im gonna have to give this a miss...
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