Which system is better? i7 3770k

Ive got a $1100 budget and im wondering which build is the best: if u think anything can be changed at a close price please tell me

Canada Newegg... prefered!

1st build:

Intel i7 3770k
Asus p8z77-m
Corsair 4x4 16gb ddr3 1600
Thermal Take frio
Mushkin enhanced chronos 120gb
Hec zephyr mx 750 psu- it got good reviews on newegg and a good price!!
Seagate 1 terabyte 7200rpm
Rosewill challenger u3

total: including tax and shipping: 1091.06

2nd build:

Intel i7 3770k
Asus p8z77-v
corsair 16gb ram
Noctua nh-u12
mushkin callisto 120gb deluxe
samsung spinpoint 7200 1tb
hec zephyr mx 750
rosewill challenger u3
total including tax and shipping $1115

So which build is better? is there anything i should change which wont raise the price that much...? will everything fit in the case? i was looking for a full tower but there like $100ish.. if u know any cool looking full tower case on newegg canada please tell me. is the case good? what about the psu? or is there another build under $1100 on newegg canada which is better then this? is everything compatible?

thanks for your help!
this isnt meant for gaming. i will oc to like 4.3-4.5
which one is a better cpu case?
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  1. I would get those
    case Much better than the Rosewill.
    PSU or you can save up a little bit for a modular one, will be superb for cable management and good looking case.
    SSD: Stick with the chronos
    I would get that Cooler or stick with the Noctua (whatever you see a good looking)
    Everything else seems to be pretty good.
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