Need help, EasyTune6 system heating!

I need help immediately, I'm freaking out, I just bought a new system with i5 3570K processor, Gigabyte motherboard, it's running quiet and has 2 air intake fans + PSU, 2 air outtake fans + CPU cooler blowing towards them, and I went to check some status @ EasyTune6, and I found this -

Only 1 fan is shown as spinning in this program, 3 temperature bars unnamed, or named as a "0", and 1 is showing more heat that others.
I don't know what to do, I went to BIOS, checked CPU temperature, it was fine, then I marked boxes saying to warn about CPU overheating, CPU cooler failure, and all air fan failure warning beeps, then it restarted and was beeping all over the place, I unmarked all of them...

I need help, please, someone.
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  1. damn, CPU fan not running... let me find out what's wrong...
  2. Jesus, I'm going crazy, the fan is just fine, it just was stopped at the moment I looked at it.
  3. What the hell, I can't edit my posts, so whatever.

    I found a guy who has the same motherboard, GPU... pretty much the same story, and he also has the same results, what is wrong with this program.
    link :

    Does anyone know a decent temperature management program? And should I overclock my system trough video card's overclocking program and BIOS?
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