Best build under $1100 with i7 3770k, 120gb sdd, z77, 16gb ram!

im looking to make a computer system with ivy bridge 3770k. i am wonder what is the best build with it. please comment.

Site: Any one in Canada, newegg prefered but what ever is cheapest!


Budget: $1100

parts not neeeded: monitor,mouse,keyboard, windows 7, graphics card, cd drive.

Parts prefered in this build: i7 3770k, 16gb ram, z77, 120gb ssd..

im currently looking at these too. if u know any better one please post.!

1st build:

Intel i7 3770k
Asus p8z77-m
Corsair 4x4 16gb ddr3 1600
Thermal Take frio
Mushkin enhanced chronos 120gb
Hec zephyr mx 750 psu- it got good reviews on newegg and a good price!!
Seagate 1 terabyte 7200rpm
Rosewill challenger u3

total: including tax and shipping: 1091.06

2nd build:

Intel i7 3770k
Asus p8z77-v
corsair 16gb ram
Noctua nh-u12
mushkin callisto 120gb deluxe
samsung spinpoint 7200 1tb
hec zephyr mx 750
rosewill challenger u3
total including tax and shipping $1115
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  1. Quote:
    Hec zephyr mx 750 psu- it got good reviews on newegg and a good price!!

    Just because it got good reviews on Newegg doesn't make it good - HEC is a brand that's notorious for producing a lot of junk, like Raidmax, Apevia, Xion, and Xclio. The problem with Newegg is that most of the people who post reviews typically aren't experts - you do not want to get your product advice from a store, I can't stress that enough. If you want a build like this you're not going to obtain a lot of the things you want without cutting corners on your budget and that's something I never recommend doing - especially on the PSU and that's one of the most important things on the build. If you get a junk brand it's likely to blow up in your face and there goes your build. I've had that happen before so I'm speaking from experience.
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