PC Overheating?

I am trying to figure out exactly where my problem is at with this.

I have a laptop
CPU = AMD A6 3600M APU
VIDEO CARD = Radeon HD 6520G

This is the stats, i can run diablo 3 and guild wars 2 (even in heavy world vs world zerg action) with some stutter but nothing unplayable. Just a little laggy. D3 is perfectly fine.

NOW the reason why i gave my laptop information is, i have a home built system. It's the I3 530, I originally had an ASUS board that was really sweet for overclocking, unfortunately asus blamed pin pending on me when i returned it to them. so they got me because i couldn't prove otherwise, anyhow i replaced that board with a gigabyte board that i've not overclocked out of not having the experience. Anyway.... I'm running the stock i3 530 with a Sapphire ATI radeon HD 5770 1gb gddr5 video card. Which is still not a horrible card

I3 530 2.9GHZ
Ati radeon HD 5770 1gb GDDR5
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD3200AAJS 320GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
GIGABYTE GA-H55M-S2V LGA 1156 Intel H55 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W Modular Gaming Power Supply compatible with Intel Sandybridge Core i3 i5 i7 and AMD Phenom

Right now... with d3 running in game 85c with speedfan, and cpuz is fluctuating between 1600/2400 bu mostly around 1800-2000 HW monitor has Core #0 104-105 core #2 100-103

Obviously it's running hot, i am gonna hit up newegg or radio shack and get some new paste, but before i do. Would this being this hot while in game cause the slow downs i see in the graphical sense/ Like hesitations and stutter? Nothing crazy but its there.

GPu is around 35-45ish in temp when under load. Assembly around the same. There is no dust buildup, i just cleaned it last week...Took side off and put a fan up against it, didn't affect the temps at all. So cooler/paste problem? It's probably been a year since i put the original paste on... which was the arctic freeze. unfortunately i lost my tube so i gotta buy some more, is it still the best?
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  1. Yes it would.

    As far as the compound, Arctic Freeze is, good.. would I say its the best? Meh, Arctic Silver 5, CoolerMaster compound all seem to be good choices. I don't know though if the thermal compound only being a year old, assuming you had a good application of it would age it. I'd wonder if the fan was still up to snuff. I'd consider a new heatsink assembly altogether.
  2. it's your desktop not your laptop with those temps right?

    It's likely a bad cpu mount. Either way too much grease, not enough or the heatsink isn't placed right. Or any other number of problems.

    what cooler is on it now?

    edit: also, how long has this heat problem existed?
  3. i just noticed the heat problem when playng gw2 over the weekend, before that i wondered why SWTOR played so horrible..i think i know why now. I use stock heatsink that came with my i3, i think a newegg order is in my future
  4. ok, the stock cooler shouldn't perform that bad.

    When you pull off the heatsink you will likely see the problem by the pattern that the grease has left. Either it wasn't making good contact, it's dried up, there wasn't enough or there is a very thick layer of it.

    Provided the the heatsink isn't broken (fan still works, pins still secure it tightly to the mobo, and everything seems alright) then you should be fine with just a remount with new thermal paste.

    If you want to be safe, buy a hyper 212+ or 212 evo. Whichever is cheaper atm. They are excellent coolers around $35. One should also last you threw whenever you build your next computer.

    One thing you could try first is going to your local computer shop and buying some thermal paste, pretty much any brand will do so get something under $5. It will save on shipping. Buying a $5 item online is annoying.

    Watch a video online on how to apply the thermal paste. Just to make sure you get it right.
  5. Thanks for the response, if i get a chance today i am going to try to reapply paste. I bought some arctic silver at radioshack yesterday.
  6. aight. Use a small dot, maybe 2-3mm in width in the center of the heatsink. If you're not sure, try it and then redo it (apply paste, mount heatsink, tighten, take heatsink off, look to see if coverage was complete but not too thick, clean, apply, mount).

    The idea is to have only a thin layer between the two surfaces. Ideally, if both surfaces were exactly flat without any imperfections, you would want no thermal paste. The thermal past just makes up for the lack of perfectly flat metal by filling any imperfections.
  7. just a quick update, speed fan has a better temp than before, but all other programs list it in the same range 100-105 under gaming load, in this case i loaded a wow trial account just for gaming load w/max presets in game @1920

    anyhow, i might have to reapply i guess or get a new heatsink cooler, i have no idea why it's running so hot. I applied like i watched and was told. so i dunno
  8. The tx3 is a good option if you don't wanna take your motherboard out, or aren't too technically inclined

    No one mentions that here but it performs very close to the hyper 212
  9. Here is the before IDLE pic

    And here is the after pic after going about 10+ mins, note i started/stopped load tester as i forgot to SS at 12+mins lol fail i know..

  10. Those look high idle and at load, is that after you reseated the cooler?
  11. yes
  12. not the 2nd time, im going to do that shortly. i did put new paste on last night
  13. Assuming you have a stock intel cooler, apply a BB sized amount in the center, and do not spread it. Push the heatsink straight down onto it and make sure it's securely pushed down. Also make the CPU fan "full on" and if the temps don't come down at all, then maybe the CPU cooler is malfunctioning. Also check it for dust build up
  14. Could also look into the voltage, I know that can cause overheating
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