6950 CF underclock???


Im thinking of doing something that sounds stupid but im hoping may actually be beneficial.

Ive just setup my new rig after a good couple of years away from PC gaming and im loving it compared to my PS3. Anyway....

Currently running 6950CF on a 1080p 50" 60hz TV. TBH its overkill. Wish id researched a bit more and gone with 1 7970.

Mainly playing Battleforge, SC2, SWOTR and a bit of crysis. Now im easily getting 80+ fps on all of them maxed however this is causing horrible tearing (esp crysis) so i switch vsync on.....

Now most of them run happily at 60 fps but the fans kick in and is a little too loud for me. However crysis suddenly drops to 35-45 fps which i understand is a limitation of vsync and TB.

So what im suggesting to do is run both GPUs a little slower using CCC without using vsync and hopefully get better performance then a single 6950 and hit a constant 60 fps on all games.

What you guys think?Waste of time or worth a shot?
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  1. Hello.
    First open CCC and max fan (is gonna be noise i know) and try playing Crysis (or any other game that you know that drops frame rate after a while) and give it a go have fun with it for some time . If there is no frame rate drop then you have heat problem.
    Btw did you try any old drivers ?
  2. yeah ive got a slight heat problem. running on Asus Gene Z. the first GPU under load hits about 72-73 while the second is a cool 50.

    One of the reasons i want to underclock really. I dont need the 130 fps im getting, 60 is fine. just want to keep the temps and noise down
  3. Check if you can fit a GELID Icy Vision for example. This will solve your heat and noise problem. The only problem is space :??: and some more air flow.
    What case you have btw ???
  4. Im using MSI Twin Frozr III's so the're pretty well ventalated as is. Problem is how close the 2 GPUs are. Virtually touching.

    Case is Fractual Arc Midi
  5. 73c is still 'cool' for gpus... especially for the top card in cfx setup.
  6. Yeah im not worring bout the temps really. Im just wasting fps so why make them work so hard for no reason? Esp with vsnyc on.

    Think i can get lower temps, less noise and hit 60 fps across all games, even crysis.
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