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I have been researching PCs for quite awhile and want to get some input on the best PC based system for major quantities of professional photo editing with CS5. I know I want an i7 processor, with a heavy duty graphics card and CPU and am not comfortable with a build on my own. Any advice?
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  1. Certainly.

    My advice in this case is to assemble a list of parts and take it to a reputable local builder, someone who is in the business of supporting commercial installations and has been in business a long time.

    Another option would be one of the large custom shops like Cyberpower, that will build and service your computer... however having a relationship with a local professional is valuable.

    Since the knowledge of current hardware can sometimes be spotty, I would recommend you take a list from us here and don't let them talk you out of it though :)

    "major quantities of professional photo editing" can mean various things. Are we talking about a lot of time processing batch jobs? Converting 50 hi-res photos from RAW to jpg for instance?

    A heavy duty graphics card does nothing for 2D work, so perhaps you can elaborate on what features you need? If it's just CUDA, you probably don't need to spend as much as you think.
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