Yellow Lines on Monitors during post plus bluescreens

During post my Monitor is showing vertical yellow lines, 10 set of 4 lines; and in BIOS setup many characters are missing 'bits' so space is showing as 00 and a is showing as q ...
I have two monitors, both show the same so it is not the monitors - in windows I am blue-screening or hanging but I can get to safe mode cmd prompt ... what to try next?
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  1. Additiona information - It is an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GS - OS is Vista (yes I know YUK) ; display in windows at low res is normal and cmd is normal, but the bios setup is a total mess and pretty well unreadable as is the boot sequence
  2. Ok - I just went out and bought a new GForce different model. That fixed the problem but introduced new problems.

    Vista then removed the Display options from the Control Panel.

    I googled, found that there are registry settings for something like Don'tShow, deleted them and voila.

    Setting up Dual monitors with different capabilities and resolutions is still not exactly straightforward
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