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I5-2300. Time to upgrade?

Hey everyone

I currently own an i5-2300 along with a pretty cheap m-ATX board, H67MA-e35 from MSI. Reliable though.

I was checking current CPU benchmarks and was shocked at how the new i7-3770k compares giving over double the score on benchmarks. Now, the age old question - would I really see a difference between the 3770k from my 2300 in normal and gaming use or should I wait until the next generation of CPU's? My GPU is a 560 ti 448 and I plan on getting a 2560x1440 monitor soon.
If the answer is I would see a substantial difference, I'm currently looking into this board for Ivy bridge.

If anyone has a better or same performance board for less, please share it with me.. And I know, the 448 isn't the best for 2560x1440. I'm waiting until the next generation of GPU's to upgrade though.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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  1. Unless you are currently hitting a performance brick wall somewhere that bugs you enough to upgrade in the immediate future, I would try to tough it (i5-2300) out until Haswell.
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    Don't waste money on IB, I'd say wait till next year for Haswell. IIRC the IB doesn't perform that much better than SB and does not OC as well as SB does either.
  3. Alright! Thank you guys, I'll hold off then and think about starting a completely new rig if windows 8 is out by then.
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