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why are video cards made upside down,all the graphic are on the down side the fan's on the down side face up the graphic are visible the fan from the bottom card cool the top card .
I'm seeing what i'm paying for right so why up side down?
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  1. nice my friend, what a nice question.

    Do you know, if the cooler on the gfx card face upside, it will suck hot air which is released by the cpu hsf, so it faces towards downside because that area have relatively cool air.

    i think i pretty much answered your question, mate, its all about the game of thermals.
    any other question fell free to ask,.
  2. Manu 11 good point ,fan in the wrong place inhales from the top exhales from the front or back maker of these
    video card need to understand we purchase base on the ability to mod.
    the back side of my video card is a gray area in my case mount the fan under the graphic face down now graphic showing most cards are acylic plastic let the modding began goodby to gray give us the right to chose
    Graphic+ and+ thermals = Got your ears on tonight!
  3. google it
  4. Most of your store bought PC's have the PSU on top then you have the CPU. Then the GPU down below almost to the bottom. The air is cooler at the bottom of the rig and the GPU pulls that air to cool the chip.

    Then is exhaust out the back keeping the heat off the CPU and PSU. Now most Gaming rigs have the PSU in the bottom with it's own exhaust plus you could find another exhaust on the bottom as well.

    So in the world of PC's How many do you think are a store bought vs a home built one? Since the store bought one's don't have good air flow and they have to channel the heat away from the above hardwear.

    With gaming rigs you have a lot of fans and air flow so the PSU can be on the bottom and since in my opinion there are more store bought PC's so the cards are made to channel heat away. My two cents worth.
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