Overheating, Bad PSU, Motherboard?

My computer has been just shutting off randomly. Power light stays on, but the computer stops working. Sometimes after 10 minutes, sometimes after 1 hour of use, sometimes while during sleep mode. I'm certainly a novice, but trying my best to troubleshoot the problem.
I've thoroughly cleaned with air(it was fairly clean inside). Both fans seemed to be working good.
I downloaded Hardware monitor to see if there was anything I could learn about voltages & temps. The only thing I am not sure of is the -5v seems to be at a constant -13.50v; and the -12v seems to be constant -4.48v. Do these seems correct? Any ideas? PSU, Motherboard?

I'll try to attach a screendump of the Hardware monitor page(if possible)

Scott (sjb005@gmail.com)
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  1. Unless you mis-typed, those voltages are way off. If HM is reporting correctly and you are interpreting correctly, it appears the PSU is failing.
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