Framerate/CPU Usage Issue

Macbook Pro running Windows 7 64 bit through bootcamp.
Intel quad i7 2.2ghz
4gb ram
AMD 6700 series

For around 2 weeks now every single game I play has had a significant and noticeable framerate drop. Previously, I could play TF2 at 1680x1050 at the maximum graphics settings, vsynced to 60fps, 8xAA, 16xAF, et cetera, no issues whatsoever. Now, on those settings I get less than 10fps, and when I lowed everything to the lowest of low, but still at 1680x1050, I jump around 20-40fps, but with terrible lag spikes. League of legends had a similar issue, in that I could play at over 60fps, and now I am below 20.

I have defragged, run virus scan, spyware scan, updated windows, updated graphics drivers, reinstalled TF2, and I am soon going to reinstall windows and perhaps see if dust is clogged in my computer, though I don't think that is the case.

When I opened TF2, as I played, my CPU usage never rose above 40%, and I do have multicore rendering enabled.

Oh, and one last thing that leads me to think this might be a temperature sensor issue. CPUID Hardware Monitor is convinced my GPU is anywhere from 200,000°C to over 500,000°C.

Any ideas? I'm going to an apple store soon to see if the temperature sensor is the problem, as I have had issues with that in previous computers. Thank you.
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  1. You might try cleaning the system of resource wasting crap and registry errors that can slow down the system. Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both. If your machine is heavily dirty, you may have to run CCleaner more than once... untill it finds no more errors.

    Another thing to check is the System Config startup tab. (Type msconfig or system config in the START box)
    Look for un-needed pgms that are running in the background. Here is a link to how to find what can go:
    Mine only has 6 boxes checked for comparison.

    When you update drivers, sometimes it is best to uninstall the original driver, run Driver Sweeper from Safe Mode, and have it remove any remnants of old Nvidia, AMD, or ATI graphic drivers it finds in the registry and else where. Then re-boot and install the latest driver for your card and O/S.
    (don't fall for the ad in the red box)
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