GT 520 PCI vs GT 430 PCI vs HD 4670 AGP

I'm trying to upgrade an older system (video card only) for my sister so that she can play casual games and watch youtube. currenly there's a Geforce 5 fx series video card on the mobo, but i forget which one.

MOBO: Lanparty UT 250gb nf3
PS: 450 watts
Memory: DDR1 3gb ram
Processor: AMD 64 3000+ (im thinking of upgrading this too, but not as much as the video card)

I've read online that the best AGP video card out there now (and probably forever will be) is the HD 4670.
The current top contenders for PCI video cards are the gt 430 and 520 gt520 PCI gt430 PCI HD4670 AGP

So i'm asking what's the best video card option out of these 3 on an AGP versus PCI sense if money was no option and if i'm missing any other better AGP or PCI video cards to consider. I'll get another power supply if necessary. I know there will be a bottleneck from the processor. Just ignore that and discuss whatever is better; best AGP versus best PCI.
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    Go for the 4670 AGP - PCI has way too little bandwidth for GPU's.

    Also I think that's the best AGP card you can get for such an old system.

    Your system should be able to take the AGP card as it reccomends 400W PSU, but it may be very close - and it's possible you might need a better PSU.
  2. Thanks Chainzsaw I'll be purchasing the 4670 AGP then.

    What's the better PCI video card though? GT 520 PCI or GT 430 PCI cause my gf has an old desktop too but only has PCI slots. I've seen benchmarks between the PCIE versions, but I didnt know if they would be the same as the PCI versions
  3. The GT 430 will probably be more powerful...even though it's 1 gen behind the 520, it is also in a higher GPU bracket.

    However they are still very weak cards - even if you do get either one - don't expect much from them (think of light web based games, or games from 2004, or even HD video - it would have problems with them)!
  4. 4670 AGP for sure. Don't even thing about PCI.

    Anyway the way I see it is you will be better off getting new APU system $70 $75 after promo 10%off and rebate

    this baby is like 5times faster than what your sister has...why investing in deat technology? Good luck
  5. forgot about new memory :) $30 extra

    Your sister would be very happy...make her a BD
  6. I was thinking of doing that as well maxinexus, but then i'd have to buy:
    a new case or find a motherboard that fits my case, processor + fan, then new ram, a decent PCIE card and maybe a new OS right? im not experienced in moving around an hdd. also my sister is only 7 years old lol.

    when she's older she'll probably get a laptop instead, unless she suprises the world and becomes a gamer.

    A new setup for my gf has crossed my mind... or buy myself a new setup and give her what I have now lol.
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