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AGP Driver Install Help & BSOD


I need someone to (patiently) explain to me exactly what driver(s) I'm supposed to install for my HIS HD 4670 IceQ Native HDMI 1GB.

Listed on the HiS website are 3 viable downloads (I run on 32-bit XP) and I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to install all 3 or choose 'my favorite' of the bunch or what.

There's the ATI XP Driver near the bottom of the page, the 10_7 agp hotfix for win 32bit and the Catalyst AGP hotfix.

I read that hotfixes are actually drivers so I would assume that installing 2 on the same system would be dumb... right?

Right now, I think I only have installed the Catalyst AGP hotfix from AMD's site, but I've been getting a BSOD every now and again (ati2cqag.dll error) so I'm thinking my graphics card isn't being recognized properly by my computer. (I think.)

Also- I'm running on XP SP2. I read that possibly updating to SP3 might help the BSODs. Should I attempt to upgrade now or uninstall my graphics driver, install SP3 then re-install the graphics driver(s)?

Any help on this would be very much appreciated :)



For ref, I bought the card from here:
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    First off Install Service Pack 3, you need it to run programs properly, as well as for your drivers.

    Now once done - download and install driver sweeper:

    Once you open driver sweeper - clean out all the drivers from AMD/Nvidia by selecting them (if you have any).

    Now go page to your web page and download the 10-7_agp-hotfix_xp32_dd_ccc since that appears to be the latest one for your card and you have an AGP card.
  2. Thank-you for your swift reply!

    I'm about to install SP3 (after finding the AMD fix on HP's website so SP3 doesn't completely screw me like the last time.)

    My question is: is the the 10_7 the latest one? Because when I clicked on the top one (the AMD Catalyst hotfix that takes you offsite to the AMD page) that one is newer. Is it something else, or is it also a driver? If so, wouldn't that one be the latest one?

    Thaks very much for your patience :)
  3. There are newer drivers available, i believe 12.1 (latest stable).

    However i'm unsure if they would work for your card - they should. If you go here: You can try the auto detect feature.
  4. When you have BSOD, the card might have a physical problem, especially when it is AGP, which must be very old. Did you try uninstall the driver, and install the older (and still working) driver? If the same BSOD persists, it might be a sign for you to get a new card. It happened to my wife's 5 year-old dell, and the AGP video card had a blown-up capacitor. I had hard time finding a replacement, since there are not whole lot of AGP card in the market any longer.
  5. Actually the card itself is super new- I bought it less than 6 months ago. It's one of the best AGP cards you can get (I posted a thread here and got the excellent advice of the community on which one to pick) so I don't think the age of the card is hindering it.

    But I'm thinking that it very probably doesn't like the "up-to-date" drivers offered on the AMD website. I installed SP3 and re-installed the latest AGP driver (using auto-detect) from the site and the BSOD's still pop up. I find it happens most especially when I put the computer to sleep and wake it up, but the BSODs aren't specific to that issue.

    Anyway, I'll try installing one of the older Hotfixes from the HiS site and we'll see what happens.

    Any other suggestions would be great!

    Thanks very much!

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