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N64 Emulation PC

Hello, I've decided I'm going to build a Hyperspin Emulation PC to run N64/SNES/NES/ etc. games on a 1080p HDTV. I know that to run hyperspin and to play n64 games at 1080p I need at least a dual core @ 2.0ghz cpu. But I'm needing help on deciding what gpu to get to run n64 games at 1080p with some ant-aliasing.

However, what I'd like to do is get a mobo with onboard video/hdmi out and said cpu to handle this task. Do you guys think theres a mobo out there that can handle n64 emulation at 1080p with onboard video? Should I look at other options? Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys
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  1. What I would suggest is getting a cheap dedicated video card like a gtx 216, which are really cheap on ebay, or using an Intel Sandy-bridge on board graphics, n64 doesn't require very much at all.

    Asus has some very nice z77 boards.

    I3 + on board graphics should work well for an n64 emulator; and always upgrade later to a dedicated card if you so desire.
  2. This board has an HDMI output too, plus alot of other features. You can get the rest of the materials for an emulator machine dirt cheap.
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    Ah, heck no, get a cheap socket FM1 board and go with an APU more than enough for N64 emulation @ 1080p gauranteed
  4. The PC would double as a HTPC if you wanted and you could run the Wii emulator; since it will be next to the TV.
  5. Yeah, N64 emulation isn't that GPU heavy; the CPU and emulator will affect you far more then the GPU.
  6. Get an AMD APU as someone mentioned above :) the A4 3300 its enaugh i guess.
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  8. Thanks everyone for the help. Since I'm aiming to stay under $200, I'm definitely going with the A4 3300 since it's only $55. Thanks again.
  9. Your welcome :) its what i do
  10. gamerk316 said:
    Yeah, N64 emulation isn't that GPU heavy; the CPU and emulator will affect you far more then the GPU.

    PJ64 was already working fairly well on my 3GHz Northwood P4 with X700 GPU so there likely aren't any CPUs or GPUs or IGPs on the market today that would have the least bit of trouble running N64 emulation with any half-decent emulator unless you use a softGPU plugin.

    N64 emulation today is about as much of a computing challenge today as SNES emulation was a dozen years ago: trivial.

    If you want to give modern hardware a computing challenge, you have to step it up to at least PS2.
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