Which budget laptop will run Diablo 3 better?

1.5/2.4GHz Quad Core
Radeon HD 6520G


2.0/2.6GHz Dual Core
Radeon HD 6480G
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  1. Ok, I get that but these are my options while away from home.

    Anyone care to share their opinion, in favor of one of these or the other?
  2. I would lean more toward the Quad core with the 6520G. it's a more powerful system with a better video card. It's difficult to say how well it will run D3, as it hasn't been released yet, but don't expect to run Ultra settings on a "budget" PC of any sorts. As long as you have realistic expectations, I think you'll be fine.

  3. No that's great, I understand the limitations. Thank you so much for your helpful reply!
  4. Diablo 3 can run on low settings on a dual core i3-2350 with integrated Intel HD 3000 graphics at a consistent 25fps (for a very low budget laptop, that's good stuff). Either of those should be able to do at least that, if not medium, at their native resolution.
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