Eyefinity and Multi-Monitor Questions

Please view the attached picture to get an idea of what i'm envisioning, http://i.imgur.com/3kgXV.jpg .

My ideal setup is to have 3 montiors in eyefinity with a much large tv/monitor above that. My questions are as follows.

Can I have 3 monitors in eyefinity with the above monitor on a different screen? Would I need another video card?

I understand that it wouldn't look perfect due to different resolution, but if I wanted, could I output to all 4 screens with eyefinity?

My plan is to crossfire 2 video cards and have them output to the 3 identical monitors, and then have another graphics card dedicated to the larger tv/monitor above that. Is this necessary? I've only really begun my search for a new battle station so I need to figure out the monitor configuration and pc build to allow this to happen. Any suggestion for website or material to read would be appreciated
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  1. the 7k amd series support up to 6 displays
  2. Theres a guy on these forums and I cant remember his name that has that exact setup. Hes running a 6990 and a 6970 I think. Cant remember but maybe he'll see this and respond.
  3. Alright so after readying that article if I understand correctly, One of the new gpu could support all 4 monitors and run them simultaneously or independently. Would one gpu be able to have eyefinity on 3 and have an indpendent on the 4th though?
  4. AMD does/did make eyefinity 6 Edition cards (6 display ports per on 1 card)

    I have 2 of them, they are 5870's with 2gb of VRAM, and 6 mini display ports.
    dont know if there are plans for a 7xx series Eyefinity 6 ed cards.

    i have not tried with an 3x1 eyefinity group with 1 stand alone monitor.

    ill give it a go when i get home / over the weekend.
  5. Sweet that would help me out alot, thank you!
  6. Yes this is totally possible. I run that exact setup you describe. My setup is 3x1 SLS (Single Large Surface) in portrait (2x miniDisplayPort, 1xDVI) and the 4th output to my TV (HDMI), which is just on the other side of the wall in the living room. You could easily have them all in the same room if you so chose.
    To get the additional peripheral monitors, which you didn't mention needing, you would need another card (any 2 output card would work fine) or an eyefinity 6 ed card.
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