Final build for new gaming desktop Help?

Okay so I had another thread before about 2 weeks ago roughly and got some answers but now I changed a few of the pieces and was thinking about adding some LED lights eventually so if someone could tell me a good site to get that kind of stuff from that would be great.

Okay so here's my build which will be mainly used for DIABLO 3, I just need someone to verify that they will all work together which I think they will but I need to be positive, also if anyone knows where I could get a Blue LED Power supply thats 750W and bronze cert that would be awesome too. :wahoo:








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  1. That is plenty of power for D3. It isn't a very intensive game. Get an i5-2500k over the i5-2400.
  2. im not going to overclock though
  3. actually I had that processor wrong, I'm actually getting the i5-2500, not the i5-2400
  4. Then ditch the Z68. Get H77.
  5. alright fixed, check that motherboard as see if it's alright for my setup
  6. That is a great board!
  7. alright thank you! you have any ideas for blue led lights though?
  8. I would not use budget $ for those.
  9. alright I'll just hold off on lights, im still accepting answers for my setup!
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