Are these temperatures right during gaming?

I'm just wondering, I have a under half a year old build and during gaming (depends on game), the CPU is around 30C to low 40C and the GPU is around mid 40C sometimes and the max was 51C, probably because it was a long time of gaming. It depends on the game I play, because I play them all on MAX settings, so some use the CPU more than the other. Are these temperatures right? Just wondering. Thank you! :)

CPU: Intel i7 2600K not overclocked w/ Hyper 212+ Cooler
GPU: Twin Frozr II MSI GTX 560 Ti

Then I got a 200mm fan at the top as well.

Edit: Oh and under idle, everything is around 20C.
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  1. Nope not bad you are a long way off on Tj Max so just game on.

  2. Those temps are fine...
  3. I wish i got temps that low, impossible for me when ambients are 30-36
  4. Wish I got temps like that too!
  5. All games at max? Maybe at 1680x1050. lol

    Unless you have direct sensor on your GPU or CPU the software measurements are seriously off. My Ai suite shows CPU at 25 and sensor 28. For GPU it is 45 but sensor shows 54. So you have to take these numbers with a good reserve.
  6. If ya wanna reliably see what ya temps are under load, run the GPU and CPU tests in OCCT. This will load the system, monitor your temps and voltages, and graph them for your later perusal.
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