Need feedback from OCer/Gamers using Define R3/R4

Hi, I am looking to put together a gaming rig and is having problem deciding on Cases: I prefer the more open air cases like Phantom 410 vs Corsair 400R to make sure my CPU/GPU get enough airflow during (moderate, 4.5GHZ) OC.

However since I am going to set this case on the ground on the floor of the lack of Bottom/front air filter on Phantom 410 is more or less of an deal breaker, the 400R seemed OK but it only have 2 USB port infront & I heard it don't come with a speaker & see it don't have a fan control.

In the mean time I looked at a few reviews of Fractal Define R4 and have been quite impressed with its front & bottom dust filters+easy access to front fan/140mm fan mounts everywhere+a 3 speed fan controller. I have the following question for you guys:
First: my core setup:
Processor Intel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz $229.99
Motherboard ASRock Z77 Extreme 4(2+4 fan connector) $134.99
Graphics EVGA GeForce GTX 670 FTW $407.99
CPUFan COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO $34.99

Does R3/R4's sideway front fan intake result in significantly cooling problems that interfere with your OC? If you have data on how hot your CPU(what cooler) and GPU get during OCing that would be great.

Do you add fans to the case to improve cooling, if so how many and what model?

I am thinking about getting 3/4 120mm fans: 1 as the push fan on the Hyper 212(making it a dual fan Cooler),1 120mm in front to add to the 140mm front intake fan, 1 120mm mounted on the bottom if there is space or the left panel(intake), the last on top as a exhaust. Is this setting good, if not what should I improve on? Fan model recommendations?

Right now I am looking at Cooler Master 4 fan pack
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    With the amount you're spending, is it not worth your while to get liquid cooling in there?
  2. bluerotkev said:
    With the amount you're spending, is it not worth your while to get liquid cooling in there?

    First of all R4 can't handle a H100 or any other big radiator on top, second I am not overclocking past 4.5Ghz imo in that case a Value Cooler like Hyper 212 which is maintenance free is better than any liquid cooling options, the 4 fan pack I listed is $14. Total I spend about $49, half of a H100 which only handles my CPU while the fans cool the whole case.
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