Computer works with dsl modem but wont work with the wireless router added

DSL works (ATT) when run through only the DSL modem. When I add any switch, wireless router, it won't connect. Tried Dlink, netgear, Tenda and a mini 4 port switch. It did work with the Netgear originally. I had assumed the Netgear router died.
apparently it's more than that..any suggestions?
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  1. are you power cycling the modem when you add in the switch or router? You will need a router if you want more than one computer on at a time. A switch will/may only allow 1 computer at a time. It's possible the switch could take the only IP the modem hands out which means you will have to use a router.
  2. Well, it healed. I have no idea how or what. Yes, was power cycling the equipment. Suddenly it decided to allow installation by the numbers. Now I'd love to upgrade to a "N" router, but I'm afraid to disturb nivana! Thanks for the help folks...
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