Laptop Freeze because of RAM.


I Got Dell Inspiron N5010

Core I5
Home Premium Windows 7
500 HDD

and my problem is that i got one of the RAM which is 2G makes the Laptop freeze randomly

when i removed it the laptop works perfectly with no problems

so is there a method to solve this problem and make that ram works fine or do i have to through it in the garbage and buy another one?
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  1. If you already determined that the module is defective, then your only option is to replace it. You could RMA the module if the laptop still is under warranty.
  2. thanks for your answer, so there is no way to repair it? i heard about ram defragment does that help?
  3. You can defrag a hard disk, not a memory module. A memory module doesn't retain any data when the system is powered off.
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