Screen goes blank

My screen goes blank everytime it's put under load.

It's weird since I just RMA'ed a PSU because of buzzing and received it back (before the computer ran fine with buzzing) and I think the buzzing is gone (hard to determine since the buzzing also occured under load) but now the screen goes blank if I start 3D Mark 11 or starting up a game (I tried Skyrim and I got into the menu, but after loading a save file and getting past the loading screen, it goes blank) and also, the computer kind of locks up in the sense that it continues to run with the fans and everything, but the reset button doesn't work and I have to press and hold the power button or manually switch off the PSU to start over.

What I have done is I tried formatting although it shouldn't be required, but I did this and got a clean install running and the problem persists. I've tried disabling Virtu and I've tried running on the Sandy Brige IGP. The latter makes my computer behave slightly differently in that the screen freezes the frame and locks up as previously described.

I also tried different screens, both a TV and a monitor. Same results of course. The monitor's power LED just blinks like it would if the PC was sleeping as if the display signal just disappeared.

It should be noted that the computer runs absolutely fine otherwise as I can boot into Windows and I can use it for light tasks such as web browsing, but if any stress and/or 3D applications are launched, then I'll be looking at a black screen.

I also noticed that there's no error on the motherboard's troubleshooting LED display.

I must also say that this is the first time I've ever had so many problems with one of the PCs I've built. First I had faulty RAM that resulted in spontaneous reboots, then I had the aforementioned buzzing and now I have a PC that can't handle 3D applications. Haven't been able to game on it for months since I built it and as you can imagine it's getting beyond frustrating.

Intel Core i7 2600K
Asrock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 (newest BIOS)
2 x 4 Corsair Vengeance DDR1600 RAM
ASUS Radeon HD 7950 DirectCUII (factory overclocked and latest drivers: Catalyst 12.4)
OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB
Windows 7 64 bit
Corsair AX850

I'd really appreciate some expert advice here since I'm at my wits' end. Quite frankly I've considered selling some or all of the hardware but I've spent a lot of time and money (the latter which I don't have a lot of) on it.
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  1. What does the windows event log say?
  2. So if I understand correctly the computer first started going blank under a load is after you received the replacement PSU? I'd try a new PSU instead :)
  3. Event log tells me it's an event 41 Kernel Power, but I think it's from me doing a hard shutdown through the power button.

    And yeah the PSU seems to be the problem, but it's a bit odd that I have two faulty PSUs in a row considering it's Corsair's top line of PSU (the professional gold series).
    *** happens, but I'm a bit surprised.

    I'd have to buy a second PSU to test if that's the case. I at least hope it's not a new problem at least.
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