Has anyone ever used Indigo Extreme?

I was wondering if anyone ever used that Indigo Extreme thermal interface. It looks really cool and seems to work better than standard thermal paste BUT it seems like a huge pain. There are a ton of things you have to do to apply it then there's the whole re-flow process. Is it worth the hassle because I've really been debating to give it a try with my overclocked I5.
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  1. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/275994-11-indigo-extreme may help, I decided against using it as Ryan is a knowledgable guy :)
    but if you do go for it, please feedback online so the next person can google and see how you fared :)
  2. It really doesn't sound worth the hassle.
  3. My main rig is a pain to try getting on its side as it is but even a 'normal' Pc, I'd need to really want that extra touch of heat transfer capability to warrant the expense and trouble of just flowing it, only to hope I;d done it right :)
  4. After doing more reading it just seems like such a hassle. It's to bad though. They have a great product that works better than regular thermal paste and as good as liquid metal paste but with out the mess and risk. Also it can't be used with heatsinks that have pipes with gaps or spaces which is a pain it can't be used with good cheap heatsinks like the Hyper 212 plus or EVO.
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