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Ok, so currently I have a Linksys WRT160N running dd-wrt. The ports on the back are 10/100 so I never worried about speed. I'm looking at getting a new router that has dual band (WRT610, E3000 or Netgear WNDR3700 ro 3400). I want to maximize the speeds on the wired computers, which all have gigabit ethernet. Here's a couple questions:

1) IF I get a router that has 10/100 ports on it, can I go out from the router to a gigabit switch, then pony all my boxes off that; will I get gigabit speeds or will it still be handicapped by the 10/100 router?? No traffic will actually PASS through the router ports, just the queries to the routing table to get the traffic from computers A to B. All physical connections will be at the switch.

2) If the router also has to be gigabit ports, should I hook any computers to the actual router, or just one cable to the router to a switch and once again, pony all my boxes off the switch?
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    all I would do is connect a Giga Switch and connect it to the WRT160. Then connect all computers to the switch and they will communicate at Gigabit speed with each other
  2. Very kewl, thanks. I was unsure if that was the case or if the router had to be gigabit also!! I do still plan on changing out the WRT since it's only single band. The WNDR3700 has been getting mad reviews but if I don't need the gigabit ports, it will save me money to get the 3400 which is the exact same minus gigabit, unless I'm incorrect. Can someone let me know if I am?
  3. Depending on what gigabit switch you get, it might be cheaper to get the 3700 instead of a new router and a switch.
    Now if you already have the switch then get the 3400 to save some $
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