Two faulty GTX 560ti GPUs

I have two GTX 560ti GPUs that I need to RMA because they crash when running DX11 applications at factory speeds (these are gigabyte overclocked cards 900MHz core and the only way to avert the crash is by under-clocking the core)

I purchased them from two different websites, one in March '11 one in June '11

1) is it necessary to send the correct item to the right retailer? i.e. will they have any way to check serial numbers and things

2) is there any way I could identify which one is which?! I have them both, 90% certain I know which GPU I bought second (still has the cover over the DVI port!) not sure about the packaging though...

It's a fiddly problem, but I feel I need to get to the bottom of it because they probably get a lot of customers cheekily trying to return old/broken hardware

Both are under warranty and I am fully confident I will be able to exchange them for a replacement/refund. My brother uses the same GPU and does not experience the same fault. I suspect it was an issue with earlier models as he purchased his in september '11.

Any advice or ideas?
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  1. Yes they need to go back to the right retailer. there will be a sticker on the back of each card with the serial number in that will match.your receipt (or ask.the.retailer which.serial mumer is theirs)
  2. Sorry for poor spelling/grammar im posting from my phone! Lol
  3. thanks very much. I have found it easily and I will contact the retailer in advance to make sure I send back the correct item!

    Case closed :)
  4. You should update the bios on them , go to gigabyte website select the model and use the bios update tool , remember to do update each card one at a time, its a known fix for them.
  5. thanks but I tried that monsta and did not have any luck. I believe it increased the voltage (not entirely sure of this) but it did not resolve my problem. I see you also use the same GPUs in SLI. Did you need to apply the BIOS update or have yours always worked correctly?
  6. After the bios update everything has been great, think its the factory overclcok and voltage that makes them go stupid, best to take them back and be happy with them, sorry to hear it didnt work for you , I know how frustrating it can be :(
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