Is this a good everyday/gaming/workstation build?

Approximate Purchase Date: May

Budget Range: 1500-2500

System Usage from Most to Least Important: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Maya, Visual Studio 2010, BF3

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, mouse, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:, DirectCanada, NCIX, Tiger Direct

Country: Canada

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: In the future

Here is what I already have:

What do you guys think?
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  1. it's not so bad you can go with it.

    btw you can expect some people would shower you with ivy i5 or i7 or something the likes, but if your really head on with a sb-e which I think is great go with it.

    i'll try to look around and see if I can tinkle with it
  2. i recommend the ve247h for a bigger monitor and power savings, a mushkin chronos deluxe SSD,and the p8px79 WS to save a couple of bucks. i also recommend 1866mhz RAM as there is not much of a performance improvement in 2133 over 1866. more ram would also be good for your purpose as you video edit
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    if you want to you can save cash by going with the MSI X79A-GD65 8D

    I use one my self, I also have the ASUS mobo that you listed there all are good imo.

    edit: I noticed you already got your monitor and I believe your list is a good buy.

    go with it, it's plenty powerful enough
  4. I heard that there is some BIOS problems among MSI and Gigabyte. Is it true?
  5. TheBigTroll said:
    more ram would also be good for your purpose as you video edit

    Well, can't afford more ram now, but I'll add another 4x4 later.
  6. Also, although i have a maximum budget of $2500, I really want this build to be below $2000, or at least $2200 because of stupid taxes here in Canada.
  7. I like it. I'd rather play with 680 x2 with that price range, but that would be more of "game-er".

    I'd find a cheaper case, air cool, lower the price on Mobo, and stuff to get a 2nd 680.
  8. If I go air cool, I don't know if the clearance is enough considering that the DIMM slots are pretty close to CPU socket.
    Also I really like the 800D =P

    I think I should get a cheaper mobo and get rid of the SDD and add it on later.
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