Help me run D3! (need new mobo+cpu)

Apparently my current setup wont be able to run D3 :( I am able to sell some stuff for upgrade money, around $500 (US). I would like to use as little of that as possible(closer to 300-400), but also have some longevity.

here are the D3 min system reqs, and suggested for reference:

I have the RAM(4gb) and OS(vista) and everything else for the system, I just need a new Mobo/CPU to be able to run it.

My current Gfx card is a Radeon hd 5570, does that need an upgrade too or can it wait?
Will I need a 64bit OS?
Could I afford an SSD(would it make a difference?)

Additionally, I also do some photo and video editing, but I can do that at school if the budget doesn't allow for a CPU for that. It would be nice to be able to do that from home, but my main concern is my precious D3 :D
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  1. Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz

    ASUS P8H67-M PRO/CSM (REV 3.0)
  2. I was going to order the parts tomorrow when I get home, but unfortunately that mobo you suggest is out of stock at the moment.

    Which is the best out of these alternatives? Or would something else be better?


    ASRock P67 EXTREME4 GEN3

    MSI P67A-GD53 (B3)

    MSI P67A-GD55 (B3)

  3. Why P67 Chipset?

    How about this?

    All of those boards are overpriced in my opinion for a prior generation chipset than the Z68.

    BTW, the system requirements for D3 is pretty low compared to other modern games, the 2500k Intel will destroy it. And yes, a video card upgrade would be a good idea.

    Something like a Radeon 6870 would be a good idea.
  4. If the video card upgrade puts you over your budget, I would consider going with a cheaper CPU. For gaming, you want to trim the CPU price in favor of a better video card.
  5. acutally my friend is going to give me his Geforce card, its better than my current one by a good amount. I forget the actual model number off the top of my head geforce ??? 525 i think? there was an article directly comparing it to my current one and its way better, and he will give it to me for free...

    Is there a reason to not use a P67? Thought they were good for gaming and the stuff the newer ones offer isnt necessary, should I consider the others too?
  6. What CPU and Mobo do u have at the moment? I know people who are running D3 on a P5Q Pro with an E8500 and GTX 460 with no problems at all, so if D3 is all you want then imo your going overkill with such a huge upgrade.

    Also is your RAM DDR2 or DDR3??

    Need more info imo before we can help you.
  7. I do a lot of gaming and will definitely play other games aside from just D3.

    Im not at home right now to check things, but I can buy new RAM if i need to, current CPU is only a single core, and a little shy of min req's.
  8. kind of interesting... Newegg just got that motherboard back in stock.

    However, there is a microcenter about 45mins from where I live, they have a bundle that looks nice:

    i5 3570k and a gigabyte Z77

    it actually ends up being cheaper than the 2500k + P67 at $305!! and offers more long term usefulness? Thinking about just driving over there tomorrow and doing it, what do you think? gives me 100ish spare to play with for RAM/fans/maybe a shinier case if i want those
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