70c-75c, is this a safe temperature?

Hello everyone,

So I just finished editing a video using Adobe Premiere, and while exporting I decided to check my CPU temp just for the hell of it. I monitored it while I was exporting, and it ranged from 70c-75c. CPU is an i5-3570k 3.4GHz with the stock heatsink (not overclocked). Mobo temp seemed pretty low at 33c (ASRock Z77 Extreme 4)

My computer isn't acting weird or anything, nor am I getting any kind of problems (knock on wood). I was just wondering if this was an acceptable temperature for my CPU to be at while doing a CPU intensive process like exporting a video? I do plan on upgrading to an after market heatsink in the future (even though I'm not planning on overclocking any time soon).

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  1. For the stock thats probably normal, i would upgrade the heatsink ASAP though...
  2. What monitoring tool are you using?

    If it's realtemp or core temp that sounds fine but if it's the motherboard tool then it's too high (the motherboard tool uses a different sensor in the cpu).
  3. That's ok for stress testing but pretty warm for exporting video. I would buy a decent heatsink/fan to replace the stock. I have your same motherboard and an i7 2600K @ 4.4 ghz and it never even hits 60 C doing stuff like that
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    As has been said, that's pretty hot for an idling temp. I would go get a decent heatsink and fan pronto. I have found the Cooler Master EVO 212 to be easy to install, and its quiet and keeps my CPU cool too. I have the same processor and get around 30 to 35 idle and up to 60 at load after awhile while running on the Evo. The Evo 212 is only around $30 too.
  5. I'm getting my temperature readings from ASRock Extreme Tuner, it shows the CPU temp and Motherboard Temp. Now it only gets to around 70c when I'm exporting videos with Adobe Premiere, other than that my cpu is idle at around 40c. I'm looking at the cooler master evo 212 on newegg, any suggestions on thermal paste?
  6. For thermal paste, get Artic Silver 5, it works extremely well and isn't too expensive.
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