Wanted: Backup Strategy

You asked if I got a response to "Wanted: Backup Strategy."

The first few responses were helpful, but I really did not get a full response. Instead, the thread got hijacked by someone that got off track and starting discussing the difference between 1KB = 1,000 bytes and 1KB = 1,024 bytes. The discussion is total nonsense because the folks who read (and contribute) to these forums are experienced and know the difference -- and in any event, this has been discussed to death for 10 years (or more?) ago. I've given up on the thread.

So, in a word, no. Apparently the threads are not actively moderated to keep this stuff away.
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  1. Sorry about this. The moderators are doing all they can. If your thread is hijacked again, use the report button to alert us. I already told the users to get back on topic.
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