Z77 & Ivy?

Hey, :hello:
I'm a new builder and I need to know if I purchase this board;

and this CPU

Will I have to flash the bios? I dont want to take the risk as ASUS said there is a risk with flashing. Can anyone with this mobo and cpu confirm I WONT have to flash the bios? thanks! :bounce:
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  1. You won't have to flash the BIOS to get the MB and CPU working together.
  2. I believe you only have to flash the z68 boards to work with the ivy bridge, but I could be wrong on this.
  3. All z77 motherboards support all IB CPUs introduced at launch, which means all IB CPUs currently available.

    Not so sure about whether or not they will need a BIOS update to support i3-3xxx when these eventually launch though.
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    I havent heard anything about a required Bios update for Z77 boards for the upcoming release of the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processors. So you should be in good shape on that end.

    In most cases today flashing the Bios is a simple and safe process to do on a board. It isnt anything that you need to be scared of.
  5. IntelEnthusiast said:
    It isnt anything that you need to be scared of.

    Apart for it being a major pain in the ass if you need to find an older chip that you do not own just to flash the BIOS with a newer image that supports the CPU you originally wanted to use. Lots of people do not upgrade their PCs frequently enough to have multiple CPUs sharing the same socket. In my case, most of my PCs are two socket generations apart.
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