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Hi all,
Thanks for helping out. I have another post with some new build suggestions and I am trying to figure out the video card end of it. I am required to use a Nvidia fx 560 or higher with 1 gb if dedicated memory.
Like this one here

Does anyone have any experience with these? What to watch for or a better way to go? (*Note the software I am buying Jibes with Nvidia hence the desire to stay with that brand)

The Software program is Studio Media Composer 6 Not the upgrade from Pinnacle but the real software, like used in Hollywood.
I noticed that the direct x, some are supported to 10 and like in the link above it is supported to 11.

Thanks in advance for any help or links to understand this better.
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  1. Don't get FX 560, it's too old. It depends on your rest of your specs (CPU, PSU, Monitor, etc) and your budget. New Fermi card will do you well there I think.
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