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Budget Graphics card

Do you guys know any low-end budget graphics card that doesnt require a strong psu. I don't want anything that is super extream but something that will run games like starcraft 2 maybe on high without any lag and its pretty cheap. I have a 400Watt psu. Its one of those lame psu that came with the case. Its a peace a trash but I want to go in with the graphics card before upgrading my psu
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  1. If we knew what the rest of your system was it would help us give advice because we have no idea how much power your computer is currently drawing. We also don't know if your PSU has a 6pin power connector for a video card or not.

    With that said, the Radeon 7750 is currently the most powerful card that doesn't require a 6pin connector off the PSU, a 6770 would be a little more powerful while also cheaper, but that requires the 6pin connector. I doubt a generic PSU can power anything better than the 6770, I think an equivelant Nvidia card right now would be a Geforce 550.
  2. CPU- AMD Phenom II X4 830 Processor at 2.80GHz
    ram- corsair XMS3 ddr3 4GB
    Motherboard- Biostar N68S3B
    PSU-Diablotek DA series 400W

    thats what my computer have. but like i said the PSU is trash. and it doesn't have a 6pin connector i believe.
  3. I would say the 7750 would be the best choice for about $110, you could also get a 6670 for about $80.

    for sc2, the 7750 should be able to do ultra while the 6670 will be able to play on high.
  4. will you need a strong psu for that? and yeah. i rather squeeze in a bit for the 7750 since it has better performance. But being on high isnt as bad and i save 30 bucks
  5. your psu scares me, i strongly recommend getting a new one then a GPU
  6. the 6670 and the 7750 should be able to run on your psu, they are very low power consumption, each only using about 70W at max load.
  7. what can happen with my psu? and yeah i figured. i know its a peace of trash. maybe i should upgrade my psu. but what the cheapest psu and still afford a decent gpu
  8. your psu can die if put under too much stress.
  9. ohhh i see. Is it to much stress if i use the 7750 with my psu? I know i need to upgrade it but if it can handle it at the moment then i will consider buying one later but i will buy one for sure.
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    the 7750 should be fine
  11. okay. just want to make sure. Don't want my PSU to go boom ha, but yeah i really need to upgrade my psu for sure one day. Thanks for everything :)
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  13. You'll definitely be fine with the HD 7750
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