AM3 Processor on Am2+ motherboard( i know it has been asked but mines got a catc

Hello all just wanted to say before i start that i have heard you guys are gods when it comes to tech help on desktop/labtops!!! so heres my condition!!!
Here is my computer

Yes i know nothing great at all it was cheap!!!, so far ive upgraded from 3gb ram to 4gb (that is limit) Graphics card RADEON HD 6670 LP(and 300watt power supply)
and now i need a processor upgrade, this thing is just way to slow amd sempron 140 2.7ghz.

so heres the deal if you look at the website it states under the motherboard detail (NARRA5) that it is am2+ processor socket, ok so scroll down now

under the processor detail it shows am3 socket?????? then right under that it says


so i am very very confused here. it says both on the website site is there something im missing??

also in the past i downloaded CPU-Z (application to find out what type of ram you have, graphics card, processor all that goodies) to check ram type and make sure it upgraded correctly ( it showed ddr2 and when i upgraded to 4gb it showed it) on that it also says am3 processor socket, so am i ok to get a am3 processor? Here is the one i had in mind It is under the 95TDP

AMD Phenom II X2 560 Black Edition 3.3Ghz

So what i am asking is can this processor work with my computer (first link above). it states am2+ only, but it then shows the default processor is a am3? Thank you for your help!
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  1. Yes that sempron is AM3, it also says phenom ii x4, you could probably put in a phenom ii x4 940 or something...
  2. Its AM2+ as your using DDR2 on it. This means it works with the AM3 CPU's it lists hence the sempron being AM3

    This would be the best CPU that you can put on that board (and alot better than the one you linked for not alot more) its an OEM CPU though so you need to buy a heatsink and fan for it
  3. Thank you all for your quick, Easy to follow responses! Sorry this a is noob question, i see it is a quad core, but it says 3.2ghz? why is it better?and if i where to go with the processor u linked which heatsink and fan should go with it ?? ty for help
  4. 4 cores at 3.2 are better than 2 at 3.3

    As to a cooler your low profile case means noting fancy something like this
  5. Thank you thank you very much! so this is all i need to upgrade my Processor

    New Processor you linked AMD Phenom II X4 955 [...] 6819113007

    The Fan you linked Artic Cool [...] 6835186035

    and is that a heat sink in the fan or do i need a heat sink also?

    And ive been reading that you need thermal paste to put the heatsink/fan on the processor so

    Artic Silver

    And thats all need to complete a processor upgrade?

    Also i've been seeing something about BIOS update? what is BIOS first of all and will mine need it?
  6. Thats a heatsink w/ fan.

    Yes you need thermal paste but check if its already on the heatsink.
  7. It already has thermal paste applied to it so you won't need it.
  8. oh ok cool, so what about BIOS update?
  9. Not sure about if you need one, phenom ii x4 is listed in HP's specs so i assume you don't need one.
  10. Damn right when I go to order it from new egg it's now our of stock!! Anyone know how long they take to restock there. Processors? Or another website? Would the thermal paste that comes with the fan be ok to use?

    Just wanted to ask how big of a difference would I feel for every day computing (Microsoft word, adobe reader, picture manager,Internet browsing) and on gaming from my amd sempron 140 2.7 (single core I believe)

    There's a 945 with fan tiny bit slower than 955 but still decent

    and here is a B93 which is a it slower again but really cheap (no fan with it)

    The 945 is a good buy you wont notice the 200MHz speed difference
  12. so the 200mhz speed diff im guessing is thif 3.2 and 3.0 rating? (sorry very new to this)
    How big of a difference is the 945 and 955? ( as in 3.2 and 3.0?)
    I wont feel it at all? as in im games , big programs, ect? remeber right now im on a
    AMD Sempron 140 (single core) so i was wondering how big of a difference will i feel with a 3.0 quad core? (the one u linked)
  13. Compared to your sempron it will be like recieving an intercontinental nuclear missile up the behind :)
  14. Lol sounds like fun! So the amd 945 is a good buy then? And how much of a real diff is the 945 to 955? As in should I wait to get the 955 when it comes available or just get 945? Thank you for all your help everyone
  15. There won't be a completely noticeable difference between the two, you might get 1-2 FPS extra in games and 1-2 secs faster doing over things but nothing big, only 200MHz, if you want you can get it off ebay.

    The one on newegg might be restocked but its unlikely as AMD has stopped making them.
  16. OK So i found one that is black edition, sorry for conitinuing to ask this question, but wil this Phenom II 945 work in my computer? it say 95W but some one in the review sayed on the OEM one that the Black edition does not work with ddr2? idk please help! really want this one because it is black edition ( so meaning it is unlocked and if i wanted to over clock i could correct?) Thank you all for help here it is from buy .com
  17. It might work and it does work with DDR2 but your mobo doesn't support overclocking anyway so you would have to get a new board.
  18. It should work yes, it is fine with DDR2 and HP say your mobo supports any Phenom II X4 with a max TDP of 95W
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