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HD7770 vs 6870 which to buy

Between the two of these which should I buy. I prefer performance over new "tech". Would the 7770 be a better buy than the 6870 with them being the same price?


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  1. 6870! the 7770 is arguably worse than the 6850... yes 50. The 6870 is a better card in my opinion and from what i can see has slightly higher performance.
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    7770 has trouble keeping up with a 6850 in most modern DX10/11 games while it can actually fall behind the 6770 when running in DX9(only an issue if you play older games). Unless you need the lower power draw or one of the few new features, which I doubt you do since you would know if you needed them, the 6870 is a much better card for the price to play games on.
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  4. Get the 6870 unless you value power consumption more.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The 6870 is on the way to me now (should be here tomorrow) just wanted to be sure I didn't make a mistake before opening it.
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