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Hello there! I am building a new computer build and i plan to start overclocking. I have never overclocked before and i want to learn how to do it. I allready bought the cpu and it is intel i5 3570k, i am planning the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Z77 motherboard and a g-skill rip jaws x ram. I am thinking of buying the scythe mugen 3 rev.b. Will it handle a 4.0 ghz overclock and keep it under 50 °C under load? or do i need to get the noctua nh d14?

Any feedback would be appreciated :) !
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  1. Hello,
    Overclocking with a CPU with an unlocked multiplier is pretty straight forward, for modest overclocks anyway, just push the multiplier until it breaks, back it down, then bump up the bus speed until it breaks and back it down, you could mess with the voltages but if I were a new overclocker I would be afraid to fry the CPU.
    The Scythe mugen 3 should be more than sufficient provided you apply thermal paste correctly etc.

    Good luck, hope I was able to help.
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