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i just recently bought

and the psu on it is terrrible, from what i understand, so im going to buy a replacement psu for it immediately.

I need to know how much wattage i should shoot for. Im not planning on upgrading any time soon, so i just need it to power that computer, along with say, 3 usb slots.

the one it comes with is a 500W, but with it being so terrible, who knows if the problems its having are because its not pumping out 500W, or maybe 500W isnt enough? i dont have enough experience and knowledge to use a wattage calculator... i feel like it is hieroglyphs.

so my second question, after 'what kind of power supply do i need?' is, are there any places where i can score a qualifying one for less than 45 bucks, shipped? i found a 500W one on newegg for 30 bucks, shipped: ... i cant find it at the moment, but it was a corsair 500W, originally 50 something bucks with a instant 10 dollar price reduc, then another 10$ mail in rebate. if i get some responses, ill search for it.

also, what is the danger in booting it up for the week or so ill have the computer without the new PSU? should i just hold off until i get the new one inside it?
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  1. What are your specs...
  2. If you don't plan on upgrading you just need a 400W PSU.

    This one happens to be $20 after rebates and discounts!

    It's a pretty good PSU too :)
  3. specs are there in the first post under the link. if you look on the site, on that specific computer, there is a tab called "details" that you can click and look at individual parts.

    thank you muffin! that looks awesome.

    do you have any words of wisdom considering using the computer with the default, and very cheap, power supply, during the two or three days it takes to get the new PSU?
  4. I think that PSU would be good enough for a week or two..
  5. If it boots and is stable then I wouldn't have any issue using it until you get the new one in...whatis the make/model of the PSU curently in the PC?
  6. it doesent actually say what the make or model is on the psu in the details, but i believe i remember somebody saying it was diablotek in the reviews.

    actually, it might be a Turbolink 500W ATX Power Supply. i was googling, and it looks like that might be the one. (
  7. The PSU should have a label on it's side that lists a model number.
  8. i dont have the computer quite yet. i should have it in a few hours, however. that is the correct psu however. its the Turbolink 500W ATX. upon more research, thats definitely the one.
  9. That will likely be this POS from Apevia: Based on an old PSU design. It doesn't have Active PFC so you have to flip the red switch in the rear when shifting between 120/220V. The PSU rating is a maximum rating instead of a continuous output. Low-quality PSUs use that to be able to dishonestly jack up their prices...the PSU will put that power out for a short period of time before it actually shuts down if you're lucky. If you're not lucky then you get sparks and hope you didn't kill PC parts. It should be good for short term usage but getting a good quality PSU is definitely the right thing to do.
  10. oh my! yeah, thats what i was thinking... i dont know if i wanna risk it :\ it would just be for a couple days... but this computer is going to be my baby... my first desktop computer. bought a 1600$ dell xps m1530 with an 8400m gs card like, 5 years ago, and i used and abused that sucker, but i learned how to replace the motherboard, and did so several times, and took it apart so many times to replace things. It really sparked my interest in the physical aspect of a computer... so i decided to get a desktop that i can upgrade and whatnot and make it my own when the laptop died.
  11. The sparking thing doesn't always happen and your PC is not a power-hungry beast. You should be good until the new PSU gets to you.
  12. well... that is still a terrifying idea, but im certain you know much more than me at this point, so for now i will take your advice

    thank you so much for the help!
  13. Glad we could help - enjoy your new PC!
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