Needing to upgrade my onboard graphics

I have a dell inspiron 560

I believe ( not positive) they build them in a way that makes it hard to upgrade

Im wanting to play WoW. (Right now i have to play on lowest settings just to hit 20 fps)

What video card would your recommened to play on high settimgs and can fit and run with my psu

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  1. According to you have 1 pcie x16 slot, which means you have some options. you will probably want to replace the psu as well though, because these low end models do not provide reliable power to higher end components.

    There are several options for the cpu in your machine and i would like to know what specific cpu you have. It's possible that your cpu may not be powerful enough to keep from bottle necking a higher end gpu.

    For a moderate cost, consider and for just under $200. with a decent cpu this should give you very good settings and frame rates on WoW,.
  2. you will need to get one with the same size they suggest or it will not fit in the case
  3. Thats bullcrap. They give me 5!! AHHHHHHHH
  4. Unfortunately, Dell isn't in the business of making upgrades easy or equable for customers. They get more repeat business by NOT making upgrades reasonable. I can, however, tell you that i've personally had limited success upgrading the graphics on dell computers. Looks like the website is pointing you to low profile models, which is confusing me because the Inspiron 560 aslo has a slim model (560s), so i was thinking the non-slim model (560) would have enough room for a standard width card. Is it possible for you to measure the inside of your case from the PCIe card to where the side panel would be, as well as make sure nothing else is in that space?
  5. They give me the choice for the hd4650

    Should be able to handle wow good
  6. is a video. Not super great at all, but playable.
  7. What is the difference between between the low profile & non
  8. see the specs on the links they are not the same size so a regular card wont fit your case
  9. Well if i build a new comp

    All i really need is just a psu gpu case & possibly a new cpu
  10. Remember if you replace your Motherboard, you will need a new copy of windows to make it all legal.
  11. if you build a new system you will need all these parts board ,case, psu,memory,graphic card,you could had a new drive dont forget also what kelthic wrote a new os with a license,then you wil be able to upgrade without pain
  12. Could i build a decent rig for 500$~?
  13. got a system around that price without the graphic card see the specs
  14. That budget is extremely tough. Especially with a new copy of windows, which will eat 100 out of it right off the bat. The system scout linked is bottom-dollar, but again it doesn't have much better of a graphics card than what you already have, which will limit you severly.
  15. Not bad specs for a good price. Hm maybe i will pick that up

    Time to figure out what gpu to choose:)

    Can the blue ray player play dvds also?
  16. Well im not including windows into the budget

    So with windows not included can i build it for around 500$?
  17. that's more possible.
  18. What should i choose

    Intel or amd (always wanted the phenom blk edition)

    Ati or nvidia
  19. Intel for gaming. ATI/Nvidea are basically a different choice at different performance and price points. For your case, i chose an AMD card because it's one of the best cards for what i had left in the budget when putting that together.
  20. Nice list but why micro? Thanks!
  21. for a good atx full system prepare yourself to spend from 800$ to a 1,000$ with this you wil be good to have fun and play games dont forget if you need a monitor that add up to the price
  22. Thanks a lot kelthic! I dont have the full 500$ off hand.

    But i will pay for it piece by piece as i get my paychecks and maybe spend a lil on the ol credit card

    Will buy the cpu first. So the i3 decent

    Before i believe i was looking at the e860)
  23. E8600*

    I have a 22" acer monitor and the board n mouse.

    Well isnt there a middle between full atx and micro atx?
  24. not really... there are some cheaper full atx boards, but i didn't really think i'd put a foxconn in my machine, so i didn't recommend it for you. let me look again.
  25. Im not worried i just dont know if micro cases could handle any decent gpus
  26. another you could do is keep the old one for the summer raise your found up and in the fall start search for new system new parts will be around then you will made yourself a gift for the holidays
  27. gives you 2 more dimms for ram but no sli/crossfire capability

    The cheapest board that i might recommend that can do crossfire/sli is
  28. Oh i dont need sli or xfire

    I just need a decent rig. Nothing high end

    I think your list is quiet nice
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