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I recently picked up a Kingston HyperX 120GB SATA3 SSD.

Im installing it tonight. This was an inpulse buy. Saw a good deal and couldnt resist.

Heres my question.

Id like to use this drive primarily for gaming. My OS is on my Seagate SATA2. Which Im fine with. PC is plenty fast as is. I don't feel like cloning over the OS onto the SSD since its only 120GB. Id rather just load all my games on it.

Will my games load faster by using this SSD primarily for gaming? ( as a 2nd drive )

Or will the fact I have my OS on an older slower drive slow me down. ( some games cache information to the OS side. I dont know how much this will impead preformance. )

Just curious.

Thanks for any assistance!
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    If you install the games onto the SSD, the load times will improve. Overall system 'speedyness' however will still not be quite where you could be if it were your system drive...
  2. Which is fine.

    Im more then content with system speed.

    I was aiming to just reduce load times in games. GW2 for instance.. porting into different zones... sitting at " LOADING " for 5 - 10 sec or BF3 during map changes, which sometimes feel like an eternity.

    ^ Thats my goal. Which it sounds like I will see :)
  3. You should be good. I went from waiting at the load screen forever (on a Raptor) to waiting for the countdown to get to zero with an old Sata2 SSD. Love it!
  4. Drive is in! I had to get creative with my SATA power cables. The Gigabyte GTX670 is so long! Thankfully the world has ZipTies!

    HD Tach is showing 496MB/s read :) Im happy with that.

    Downloading BF3 as I type!

    Thanks for the quick responses guys.
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