Question is Wait for 6 core IvyB or i7-3930K vs 3770K

Ok so Im about to upgrade a 5yr old Core2Quad QX6700 overclocked to a scorching 2.9Ghz on air, and I cant decide between the 3930K or 3770K. I skipped several Intel launches as you can tell so would you wait a little longer for the 6 core Ivy Bridge chips or settle for a Sandy Bridge E overclocked. To clarify I am not a hard core gamer but I would like to play some StarCraft II occassionally. I use a lot of charting software and multiple monitors with tons of spreadsheets and 64bit multithreaded Trading software like TradeStation and Ninja Trader. So please all hardware geeks please share a setup you would build, and your thoughts on waiting etc.. Sorry for being so long winded I just know how people usually respond to questions like this ie: You dont need 6 cores, any of them is more than enough so I wanted to post a few specifics. Thank you guys for any information
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  1. For SCII, you won't need more than a quad core.
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