Computer Doesn't Full Turn on After Sleep.


Just recently built a computer, everything runs good except for one little issue. Every time I put the computer to sleep it works; however, during the process of turning it on... the mobo runs like normal the fans run like normal but there is no signal running to the monitor. I have to basically restart the power supply in order to turn off the computer and then back on. During windows it says "windows has crashed etc." blue screen saying clearing memory.

Not sure why this is happening anyone will be able to help?

running i7 2600 on a GIGABYTE z68x UD3
8GBS of G SKill ripjawz and a tx650m psu.
xfx radeon 7870

can confirm that monitor is working so the monitor is not the issue.
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  1. Try checking for BIOS updates, I had this problem before and also helped another person solve it with a BIOS update. My PC eventually just fixed itself on it own, but I did later update the BIOS anyways, and the person who posted previously managed to solve it by updating the BIOS.
  2. I have the latest BIOS u1h as posted on the gigabyte website. Another thing is that ACPI is not found anywhere on the u1h bios. So I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the issue. A friend of mine has the same MOBO however his sleep function is working perfectly fine. Not sure if PSU is issue?
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