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Dell Studio XPS 8100 - Choosing new graphic card

XPS 8100 graphics card died; ATI Radeon 5450 1GB. Can I replace with Nvidia GT440 1.5GB without upgrading PSU? Really hope to avoid that, if possible; GT440 is what was available. Thanks much for the input!

XPS 8100 6GB RAM, i7-860, DVD, 750 GB HDD
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  1. Additional information based on "How to ask for advice on a new graphics card"
    Approx purchase date: Feb 2010
    Budget Range: < $100
    Most important graphics use: Business user, low graphics requirements, no gaming
    Current (dead)GPU and PSU: ATI Radeon 5450 1GB; 350W PSU
    Resolution: 1600x1200
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    It should be okay.
    I'd get a better card for the same price though.

    HD 6670
    It's better than the GT440 and doesn't cost too much either. About $55 after rebate.
    Your PSU can handle it too.

    Oh and,
    Approx purchase date: Feb 2010

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