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Hi guys.

I'm building a PC for my mum sometime soon and I have a pretty good idea of which components I'll go for. I'm thinking of:

Intel Celeron G540
2x2GB Crucial DDR3 1333Mhz
Cheap H61 Motherboard (Mini ITX or mATX depending on the case)
WD Scorpio Black 500GB (Already own this)

Then I'm looking for a decent case. I'm looking for something as small and quiet as possible for around £50-80 (including PSU) I'm not too worried about expandability or cooling. This PC will only be used for Facebook and Spotify etc. Lastly, I would much prefer something that stands vertically.

The cases I have found so far are:

Antec ISK 100 w/ 90W external PSU (This is my favourite so far but apparently it doesn't feel particularly robust and good quality. ALso I like the size of it but it doesn't look that great.)
Antec ISK 110 w/ 90W external PSU
Antec ISK 300-65 w/ 65W external PSU (I would get a 35W CPU if I was to get this.)

As you can see, the only cases I have found are those from the Antec ISK series. I really like the idea of the external PSU because they are fanless and I only need 90-100W anyway.

I have looked at the Lian Li PC-Q07 and PC-Q09B as well but the Q07 would be a bit bigger and require a PSU with a fan. The Q09 is great but doesn't stand vertically, that's a bit awkward for this particular desk.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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  1. The Fractal Mini is far too expensive and I don't think I'd trust the CiT and Inwin PSU's. I think those 2 look a bit cheap anyway personally.

    I have considered the Fractal Design Core 1000 and it's just a little bit too big. It needs to be an absolute maximum of ~35cm wide, ~35cm deep and around ~45cm high. That one is 42cm deep.

    Thanks so much for the suggestions though, I really appreciate it.

    EDIT: I'll measure the desk exactly now to get the precise dimensions.
  2. Bitfenix Shinobi, it comes in Black and White.
  3. My estimates were really close, it can go about 2cm over in all 3 dimensions though. So maximum is:

    37cm x 37cm x 47cm
    W x D x H

    Thanks for the suggestion but the Shinobi is far too big.
  4. Again, thanks for the suggestion but I think that looks really cheap and I wouldn't trust the PSU. I doubt it would be quiet as well.

    I really appreciate the help though, keep them coming :)
  5. The Antec NSK 3480 looks OK as well, it's on the higher end of the budget but it is small enough, well made and very quiet with a good quality PSU. Just not too keen on the looks of it.
  6. That looks OK, I'll shortlist it. Thanks dude.
  7. The Prodigy looks cool but again, it's just a tad too big.

    After looking through hundreds of cases, my 'short' list now has 9 cases:

    Antec ISK 300-65 (65W) THe PSU just isn't powerful enough on this one, I want a 65W CPU
    Antec ISK 300-150 (150W) Going to rule this one out because apparently the PSU isn't very quiet.
    Antec ISK 110 (90W) I'll rule this one out because it's just a VESA version of the ISK 100. I prefer the stand.
    Antec ISK-100 (90W)
    Lian-Li PC-Q09B (110W) Going to rule this out because it's horizontal, I need something vertical really.
    Lian Li PC-Q07B (No PSU)
    Thermaltake VL52021N2 Element Q (220W) Going to rule this out because it's horizontal, I need something vertical really.
    Antec NSK 3480 (380W) This is a bit dull looking for something on the higher end of my budget as well, I think i'll rule this one out.
    Silverstone Sugo SG06 (300W) This one is just a bit too expensive, especially since ITX boards cost more.

    Going to try to rule some out.
  8. leandrodafontoura said:

    Thanks but the first one is a tad too big and the second one isn't available in the UK. (I should've said :o)
  9. Think I'll go for the Lian Li case with the BeQuiet Pure Power L7 430W PSU. I can get the full build for £190, that's not too shabby. Means I can use an optical drive I have lying around as well.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  10. Your welcome...
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